La cenerentola


Monday, 25 November 2013
7 pm

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As a stepdaughter, Angelina is a stranger in her own family, the odd one out. She falls in love with Ramiro, a wealthy prince, who is travelling in search of a suitable wife and stops off at the family’s ramshackle castle, concealing his true identity. Angelina’s yearning for the one true love now seems to be fulfilled, were it not for her two conceited stepsisters and her money-grabbing father. These three try everything they can to put a stop to the relationship because they want to guarantee their own social advancement by arranging a marriage with the prince. The prince, however, has no objection to following his tutor’s advice to choose the honest, sensible girl, especially since he has fallen in love with Angelina himself. In a stirring closing rondo Angelina forgives her family, and all sing of goodness triumphant.