Stefan Mickisch: Das Rheingold


Thursday, 21 November 2013
7.30 pm

  1. 21.11.2013
  2. 7:30 p.m.


Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung on the piano, presented by Stefan Mickisch

In German

In 2013 the bicentenary of Richard Wagner’s birth is commemorated. At the Theater an der Wien, Stefan Mickisch marks the occasion by presenting his successful series of introductory talks on Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung on four separate evenings spread throughout the season. The hallmarks of Mickisch’s talks are a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, outstanding piano-playing and a healthy dose of humour. These introductions to Wagner’s operas are based around a concept of key structure and relationship into which everything there is to be known about the content of the works or their development seems to blend “automatically”. But not only that: this technique succeeds in opening up new perspectives to the amazed audience in a way that is perfectly natural, as7 connections and cross-references to many other composers and their works come to light that one would never have suspected and have never previously been revealed. And Stefan Mickisch presents all this in such an entertaining and easily “digestible” manner that the end of the ninety-minute lecture comes far too early for most listeners.