Wednesday 26 September 2012
8 pm

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The foyer of the Theater an der Wien, known as “Hölle” (“hell”). While a premiere is in full swing in the auditorium upstairs, the evening’s real drama unfolds down here where the director of the production sweats it out, anxiously waiting to know if his work is a success. He hopes, he trembles, he suffers: an emotional roller coaster. The chamber opera Premiere is an ironic portrayal of the rituals, peculiarities and clichés found in the microcosm of opera. But at the same time it never forgets that all the passions, fears and occasional catastrophes remain vital to the lives of those to whom opera means everything. Director Rainer Vierlinger and dramatic advisor Anton Maria Aigner created the piece especially for the “Hölle”; Tristan Schulze was commissioned to write the music. Premiere
is a declaration of love for the world of opera and at the same time a humorous self-reflection: you may laugh.