OsterKlang´10: Requiem para cervantes


Thursday, 1th April 2010,
7.30 pm

  1. 01.04.2010
  2. 7:30 p.m.


Mateo Romero (ca. 1575-1647)
Missa pro Defunctis

Pedro Ruimonte (1565-1627)

Around the year 1616, the year that the great poet Miguel de Cervantes died, Mateo Romero, the so-called Maestro Capitán, was the most important composer at the Spanish court and director of the royal orchestra. Most prominent among his works are his polyphonic compositions for two choruses, which achieved great popularity in Europe’s major centres of music. For his part, Pedro Ruimonte was in the employ of Archduke Albert, Prince Regent of Flanders, in Brussels at the turn of the 17th century. It is unlikely that the two composers ever met. On Maundy Thursday the Spanish vocal and instrumental ensemble La Grande Chapelle and the vocal ensemble Schola antiqua di Madrid combine the two composers’ early baroque Spanish funeral music in a requiem dedicated to the memory of Cervantes.