Il postino

Il postino

Opera in three acts (2010)
Music and libretto by Daniel Catán
based on the story by Antonio Skármeta
and the film by Michael Radford
Conductor: Jeus López-Cobos
Director: Ron Daniels
With Placido Domingo, Israel Lozano u.a.
Wiener Symphonie Orchester


actor role
Musikalische Leitung Jesús López-Cobos
Inszenierung Ron Daniels
Set design Riccardo Hernández
Light design Jennifer Tipton
Projektion Philip Bussmann
Choreographer David Bridel
Pablo Neruda Plácido Domingo
Matilde Neruda Cristina Gallardo-Domás
Mario Ruoppolo Israel Lozano
Beatrice Amanda Squitieri
Giorgio Federico Gallar
Dona Rosa Géraldine Chauvet
Di Cosimo Gregorio González
Marios Vater Gabriel Lautaro Osuna
Cura Alexander Kaimbacher
Thugs Juan Sebastian Acosta, Guillermo Pereyra, David Robinson, Christian Kostal
Orchestra Wiener Symphoniker
Chorus Arnold Schoenberg Chor
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December 2010
09 11
14 18


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Gabriel Lautaro Osuna

Marios Vater

Gabriel Lautaro Osuna, born to a family of artists and musicians in New Mexico, began singing hymns and laments as a child in his mountain village. He pursued the study and performance of flamenco guitar in Spain and abroad working with vocal artists such as Angelita Agujetas, Jose Fernandez, Curro Albaicín, Haroun Teboul, Jesus Montoya , Vicente Griego , Alfonso Gabarri (El Veneno), Mamak Khadem and Florence Riggs. He has worked on numerous studio recordings and is featured on Dezeo, a Ladino album by Consuelo Luz. He has performed at the World Expo in Hannover, Germany and at the Festival Les Orientales in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, France, as well as at the gypsy caves in Granada. He participates regularly in the famed Festival Flamenco Internacional in Albuquerque New Mexico. Gabriel resides and performs in the Los Angeles area with the musical group Encuentro.