Die sieben Todsünden

Die sieben Todsünden

Music by Kurt Weill
Libretto by Bertolt Brecht


actor role
Conductor Walter Kobéra
Director Juliette Deschamps
Set design Nelson Wilmotte
Costume designer Macha Makaieff
Light design Dominique Bruguière
Video Arnaud Homann
Bessie Catherine Hunold
Jessie Angelika Kirchschlager
Billy Simeon Esper
Charlie Yves Saelens
Bobby Holger Falk
Jimmy Graeme Broadbent
Anna Angelika Kirchschlager
Familie von Anna Simeon Esper, Yves Saelens, Holger Falk, Graeme Broadbent
Orchestra ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
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October 2010
15 16


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Arnaud Homann


Arnaud Homann was born in New Yorker and grew up there with his four sisters and his parents, which were psychoanalythics. He graduated his studies in design at L’ecole Olivier de Serres de Paris as well as in London at Central Saint Martin’s School (interaction & motion).
He was artistic director for Gédéon from 2000-2004, where he created numerous graphic works for the big TV stations in France and international. Since he works as a free-lance he gets invited very often to work for films and documentary projects for the graphical designing. In 2007 he was artistic director of the project L’Historial Charles de Gaulle des Invaldes à Paris, which got opened in 2008 as a multimedia-museum. Recently he works on various artistic projects. He is artistic director of Pavillion Paris – île-de-France for the great exhibition in Shanghai in 2010.