Arme Leute

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Wednesday, 29th September 2010
8 pm

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Makar and Varvara live in absolute penury. Varvara was once seduced
by a rich landowner who then abandoned her. She does her utmost not
to have to work as a prostitute to earn her keep. The lonely clerk Makar
helps her by sending her money. To outsiders the relationship they have
seems perfectly obvious: an older man is keeping a young girl. To prevent
further gossip in the neighbourhood the two of them restrict their
contact to occasional looks through their adjacent windows. But in addition
to this they write each other letters. In this way they slowly get
to know each other better. Their feelings of growing closeness and intimacy
eventually blossom into great affection. But when the landowner
who once seduced Varvara makes her a marriage proposal she accepts.
Gleb Sedelnikov was born in Moscow in 1944 and wrote Poor Folk for
the Moscow Chamber Music Theatre.