Ich, Schikaneder with ADI HIRSCHAL


Friday, 21st September 2012
8 pm

  1. 21.09.2012
  2. 8:00 p.m.


Emanuel Schikaneder was the man responsible for the construction of the Theater an der Wien and was also a freemason, a friend of Mozart, librettist of The Magic Flute and the first Papageno. This would seem to be enough for one man, but these activities are merely the few highlights that are still known from a life full of adventure. Schikaneder experienced an extraordinary roller-coaster ride in his career. Besides The Magic Flute he also wrote numerous successful plays and libretti that drew the crowds first at the Freihaustheater auf der Wieden, then in the new Theater an der Wien.

With his plays and his contributions to the works of artist friends such as the aforementioned Mozart, but also Franz Teuber and not least Ludwig van Beethoven, he played a crucial role in shaping the history of the theatre in Vienna. However, as long as he lived he and money remained uneasy bedfellows. As a result he died impoverished and mentally deranged in Vienna in 1812. That is now 200 years ago, which is reason enough to bring Schikaneder back to life in his own house. For Mozart Year 2006, Susanne Wolf put together a fictional review of the sympathetic man of the theatre using original quotes. Adi Hirschal now plays the role of Schikaneder and presents this review again at the Theater an der Wien.