Unique "La donna del lago"-Handbags available now!

further information:

For the season 2011/12 the Viennese bag – designer Susanne Löscher creates for each premiere of the new productions a special bag. These nine manually needled creations will gather stylistic, formal and materialistic supply of the actual new production. All models will be made to order.

The slim elevated handbag with one handle of leather already gives a sign of fall: Cloth with tartan is the base of the bag, on the sides it is held by anthracite-grey knitting. After Gioachino Rossini’s Melodramma takes place in Scotland – and on stage Scottish kilts are to be seen – it was a must to use this material. And who wouldn’t think about the accurate cuttlings ...

The traditional Sporran (who replaces the pockets on the kilt, which never has pockets) was the paragon for the lavish inside pocket with a citation of Leone Andrea Tortola’s Libretto: „Figli di Morven! Su, su! Alle selve!“ (Sons of Scotland! Move off! Into the woods!)

The inside pocket (which can be closed with a button) is made of the same blue that was used for Elena’s scarf she wears above her grey coat in act one. LILU wishes much pleasure with this „homage to Scotland“!

The bag (packed in a box with photos of the production) can be seen in the glasscase at the entrance of the theatre as well as in the shop.

Price: € 149,- (15 % reduction for TAW subscriver: € 126,-)

Nähere Info und Bestellung unter www.lilu.at oder 0650/43 43 44 5