La liberazione

Francesca Caccini




Libretto by Ferdinando Saracinelli

Vienna premiere



The entire world of art and artists was captivated by her charismatic character and her extraordinary talent: Francesca Caccini was the first woman who succeeded in establishing herself as a professional composer and leaving behind significant operatic works. At the same time she appeared on stage as a singer with her mother and sister as “Donne di Caccini” – one of the first-ever “girl groups” in the history of music. So it is hardly surprising that her first opera, La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina (The liberation of Ruggiero from Alcina’s island) written in 1625, puts the spotlight on tough women who can look after themselves. The knight Ruggiero has landed on the island ruled by the sorceress Alcina where he intends to devote himself solely to pleasure. However, the warmongering fairy Melissa takes it upon herself to order Ruggiero back to the battlefield – but is this really the promised “liberation”? At the crossover from Renaissance to early Baroque, Caccini develops a musical kaleidoscope between harmonically audacious recitatives and madrigals which is now brought to life by early music expert Clemens Flick in his own interpretation.


In Italian with German & English surtitles


Introduction to the work 30 minutes before the performance


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