• Baustelle Theater an der Wien © Barbara Nidetzky



Work in full swing - schedule is being adhered to - reopening in autumn


Construction industry and technical challenges increase costs.

During a site visit on 7 September 2023, Wien Holding Managing Director Kurt Gollowitzer, VBW Managing Director Franz Patay and MusikTheater an der Wien Artistic Director Stefan Herheim gave an insight into the progress of the renovation work.


Much of the structural work has already been completed, such as the foundations for the new orchestra pit, the concrete shaft for the lift system in the audience area and the walls for the extension above the dressing room wing. This will house new technical equipment. Construction work on the shell has progressed so far that the necessary crane system can be dismantled.


The glass roof of the new foyer on the first level has also been erected and secured so that the further extension of the foyer, including the interior panelling, can take place. Work on the façade, window and roof renovation has also begun. The façade in the inner courtyard has already been completely renovated. The exterior portals on the newly planned loggia facing the Naschmarkt have also already been installed. The moisture remediation of the lower floors has also been completed.


Nevertheless, the building always holds new surprises and challenges for the building technicians, which make this project even more complicated, elaborate and also cost-intensive due to the price increases in the construction industry.


Despite all unforeseeable construction and technical difficulties, the theatre will be able to reopen as planned in autumn 2024.