Die Zauberinsel © Sonderprojekt 2018/19



Our pasticcio version of The Enchanted Island is based on an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest written by John Dryden and Thomas Shadwell for a performance in London in the 1670s. While the original plot is left essentially untouched, the cast of characters is expanded and numerous scenes are added. For instance, Caliban is given a companion called Trincula, Prospero’s daughter Miranda receives a sister by the name of Dorinda, and Ferdinand, son of the illegitimate King Alonso, now has a brother called Hippolito. As in Shakespeare’s original play, our story deals with the fate of Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, who has been cheated of his throne by his brother Alonso and cast out to sea. However, Prospero was able to save himself on an island together with his daughters Miranda and Dorinda. Here he made Caliban, who lived on the island, his vassal. Ariel, the sprite of the air whom Prospero was able to rescue from a tree when he arrived on the island, is also in thrall to him. With the aid of magic, Prospero has even succeeded in subjugating Nature. To his daughters he is a caring, though domineering, father who brooks no opposition. But one day — his daughters have now grown to become young women — a chance seems to offer itself to Prospero to take revenge for his unlawful loss of power. It is also his concern for his daughters’ future that prompts him to consider leaving the island again after all. With Ariel’s help, he arranges things so that his enemies and their families are shipwrecked. The castaways land on the island. Numerous complications now ensue. For example — how could it be otherwise? — Miranda and Dorinda fall in love with the sons of Prospero’s enemies. Will Prospero have his revenge on his erstwhile adversaries, or will peace be made after all? Will there even be wedding bells at the end? Will Prospero leave the island and keep the promise he made to Caliban and Ariel to grant them their liberty at long last in recognition of their years of service?

Die Zauberinsel 2018/19

Premiere: 29. September 2018
Inszenierung: Jean Renshaw
Musikalische Leitung: Markellos Chryssicos
Neuproduktion des Theater an der Wien in der Kammeroper
Fotos: © Herwig Prammer