Faust © beyond | Leopold Kogler


The scholar Faust is weary of the quest for knowledge. In desperation he invokes the Devil who appears in the form of Mephisto and shows him the beautiful Margarethe. He promises to make Faust young again and lead him to the girl if he surrenders his  soul in return. Faust agrees. Mephisto takes Faust to a farewell feast for soldiers,  among them is Valentin. He asks his friend Siebel to protect his sister Margarethe.  Mephisto plays his merry pranks. At first glance, Faust’s amorous advances towards Margarethe are not successful. The shy Siebel also loves her. But Mephisto manages it that Margarethe and Faust can be together. Margarethe becomes pregnant and  Faust abandons her. She knows that she has committed a sin. Valentin returns home  and hears the strange news, so he challenges Faust to a duel. The latter, controlled  by Mephisto, emerges victorious. Margarethe goes mad and ends up in prison. Faust  visits her but she recognises Mephisto as the Devil and sees Valentin’s blood on Faust’s hands… Mephisto celebrates his triumph.