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How does print@home work?

Print@Home is the quickest and easiest way to obtain your tickets and vouchers.
When you order ONLINE, you will be given an option to print@home - Saving you both time and shipping costs!

Print@home Tickets can be used as per usual. Just show your tickets at the entrance to the theatre for admission - without waiting in a cue at the Box Office!

How it works:
When selecting your tickets, in Step 3 "Shipment & payment options " select shipping method Print@Home. After completing your payment sucessfully the print@home Button will appear. allowing you to retrieve your PDF-Ticket which you can then print. Alternatively you can obtain your print@home ticket in your personal "Login" page using the link „Print your print@home tickets“.
Print at any time and from anywhere right up until the beginning of the performance.

You will need to have „Acrobat Reader“ at least Version 5.0 installed on your computer in order to print your print@home tickets. Thereafter you can use any printer of your choice. Print in colour or in b/w on A4 paper.
If you do not have „Acrobat Reader“, you may download it here free of charge.

The print@home ticket is just as secure as any conventional ticket.
Tickets will be assessed and recorded individually by an access control system during admission.

CAUTION: Single print@home ticket, single access to the theatre premises.
It is therefore very important to keep your print@home ticket safe. Do not allow other people access to either your print@home ticket or your login details. In the case that more than one copy of a print@home ticket has been printed, only the first person with that ticket will be allowed entry. VBW will hold the purchaser responsibile should multiple copies be produced.