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SuperZero, Baby

12.04.–16.04.2023 | A production with young people for young & all


When people bring their stories together on stage with and through music, music theatre is created. When 20 young people make music theatre together with a professional directing team, this centuries-old art form is put to the test in an exciting, funny and highly topical way.

Under the motto "cooperation at eye level", the opera performance SuperZero, Baby on the theme of "value and worth" was created within six months together with young people aged 14 to 20.


The young people research, write texts, improvise with words, voice, music and dance, deal with costume and stage design, invent and develop their respective roles. In parallel, a six-member youth instrumental ensemble composes and rehearses under the direction of musical all-rounder Marc Bruckner. 


The threads are held together by the Austrian-Kurdish artist Scharmien Zandi, who is known for her innovative and demanding projects. In the sense of a co-creation, the performance lives from the composition of the group and the personal experiences as well as ideas on climate, resources and sustainability of each individual.


SuperZero, Baby takes a dystopian look into the (not too distant?) future. What could happen if we continue to be so reckless with nature and our resources?  The performance opens a kaleidoscope of people with different backgrounds and characters who now have to reorganise and reinvent their lives together. Together they invent the radio programme "SuperZero, Baby" as a democratic way of conveying information. The discovery of a still-living tree finally amounts to a sensation and becomes a symbol for a tentative new beginning. If only there were not envy ...



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