Giulio Cesare in Egitto

Dramma per musica in three acts (1724)

Music by Georg Friedrich Händel

Libretto by Nicola Francesco Haym based on Giacomo Francesco Bussani

In Italian with German surtitles

New production of Theater an der Wien

Preview: Tuesday, 14 December 2021, 7 pm, until 10.15 pm (one intermission)

Premiere: Tuesday, 17 December 2021, 7 pm, until 10.15 pm (one intermission)

Performances: 19 | 22 December 2021 | 7 pm, until 10.15 pm (one intermission)

NEW: 29 & 31 December 2021 | 6.30 pm, until 9.45 pm (one intermission)

Due to the announcement of the all state COVID crisis coordination, the 2G plus (+ PCR test) rule is valid to your visit to the Theater an der Wienfrom 27 December 2021.

Dramma per musica in drei Akten (1724)

Musik von Georg Friedrich Händel

Libretto von Nicola Francesco Haym nach Giacomo Francesco Bussani

In italienischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln

Neuproduktion des Theater an der Wien