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Encounter, explore and understand musical theatre – our programme has something for everyone! The TaWumm! team brings the magic of the theatre to your school, and both our venue on Naschmarkt and the Kammeroper open their doors to young people – not just for the performances. With varied formats for all age groups we want to stimulate interest in opera and offer the chance to dive into the magic of musical theatre.


Would you like to find out more or do you have a specific enquiry? Use our contact form and get in touch with our cultural education department. 


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Primary level

Workshops on the family opera

Only bookable in combination with the family opera.


Planet of Words

for years 2 to 4 of elementary school


The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of the world’s bestselling books. And no wonder, since its fascinating story helps us understand the importance of friendship, uniqueness and our responsibilities towards our fellow humans and our planet. Surrounded by books, we enter the world of the little prince through entertaining activities and give free rein to our own creativity. Get ready!


In association with Wieden lending library


27 | 28 NOVEMBER 2024, 9:30 AM
4 | 5 DECEMBER 2024, 9:30 AM
Other dates and times available on request.


The workshop is free.

Registration required at schule-tawumm@vbw.at

  • TaWumm! Literaturworkshop © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
  • TaWumm! Workshop © eSeL.at - Lorenz Seidler

Planet of Sounds

for years 1 to 4 of elementary school

Sand trickles down, there’s a crashing and a banging – because the story of the little prince starts with a pilot making an emergency landing in the Sahara. But what happens next? We accompany the little prince on a musical journey from planet to planet and meet the characters from the family opera. “What does friendship sound like?” we ask the fox as we go. And what does a starry sky sound like? Joined by musicians and musical theatre educators, we explore not only the soundscapes of the various planets that the prince visits on his journey, but also quite simply compose and stage our own piece of musical theatre ourselves.


In association with the Wiener Symphoniker


14 | 27 | 28 | 29 NOVEMBER 2024
9 AM | 11 AM


Cost per school class: € 40

Registration required at schule-tawumm@vbw.at

Primary & secondary level

Family opera

for primary and lower secondary school classes


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye,” says the fox to the little prince. Does this sentence seem familiar? With its wise and heart-warming messages, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has been a firm favourite with young and old for decades and, having lost none of its topicality, remains a staple of young people’s literature today. Now, the world of opera has also discovered the work as suitable subject matter, and La Scala in Milan commissioned the Italian composer Pierangelo Valtinoni with adapting the tale as a family opera. The result is a work full of enchanting and romantic music which makes it easy for us to accompany the little prince on his unique journey from planet to planet. On the way he has remarkable encounters with a pilot, a fox and even a chorus of roses that tell him all sorts of things about life. A wonderful tale of responsibility, humanity and, above all, friendship.


Price for school groups: € 10,- (per person)


Sometimes € 10,- for a ticket can be too much. With the "Together at the Opera" initiative, we support you and your class with free tickets so that all pupils can attend the performance. You are welcome to contact us at opernkarten@vbw.at.


We would like to thank Martin Schlaff for making this possible and for his generous commitment.


Group enquiries to opernkarten@vbw.at

T: +43 1 58830-2015

  • Der kleine Prinz © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
  • Bravissimo! © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien


An exciting voyage of discovery through the Theater an der Wien

The magic of the theatre for young & all aged 6 and above

PREMIERE: 24 NOVEMBER 2024, 11 AM & 2 PM



The adventure begins, the excitement is intense – as we set out on a voyage of discovery through the newly refurbished Theater an der Wien, bringing stage stars of yesteryear back to life as we go. In the voyage of discovery Bravissimo!, Sebastian Brand and Florian Stanek combine expert knowledge of the theatre’s 200-year history with an action-packed challenge for all visitors aged 6 and above. When the visitors take on creative challenges together with the artists, the focus is firmly on fun, thrills and, above all, music. We look forward to welcoming all our guests, whether young or evergreen, opera veterans or “philistines"!


Prices and concessions
Standard prices: €20
Patrons under 19: €10

Group enquiries to opernkarten@vbw.at

TaWumm! mentored classes

for primary- and lower secondary-level school classes

Would you like to sample the atmosphere of opera – at school, but also at the MusikTheater an der Wien? The TaWumm! mentored classes make it happen! Over a period of several months, pupils get to know the wonderful world of musical theatre, focusing on the family opera. Cultural agents come to your school and classes visit the MusikTheater an der Wien to take a look behind the scenes and at the various departments (make-up, sound, props etc.). Who knows, we might even meet an artist or two... A group visit to the family opera Der kleine Prinz or the Bravissimo! voyage of discovery are also on the itinerary as a special event.


The workshops take place from September to January and from February to May

Participation in the TaWumm! mentored classes is free.

How do you become a TaWumm! mentored class?
School classes from the 3rd and 4th primary level as well as the 1st to 4th secondary level can apply. We look forward to receiving your imaginative and creative application at tawumm@vbw.at

  • Patenklassen © Herwig Prammer
  • TaWumm! Workshops © Herwig Prammer

TaWumm! Workshop

An Introduction to Opera

How does a work get to be staged in the first place? Why do the singers in the opera sing so peculiarly? And what’s going on backstage during the performance? Frank questions from schoolchildren that we would be happy to answer using games and creative activities in a TaWumm! workshop held at your school. Taking one of our family operas as an example, we provide the perfect introduction to the world of musical theatre.

Please contact schule-tawumm@vbw.at to arrange a workshop

2 lessons

Cost per school class:
Primary level € 40 ,- | Secondary level € 50,-


theatre tours

for primary and secondary school classes


Curiosity is high! It's been two years of hammering and drilling - but now the theatre at Naschmarkt has been given a new lease of life. Don't hesitate, come along with your pupils and get to know the Theater an der Wien on a guided tour.


Price: € 3,- / person



  • Führung © Isabelle Papst

Secondary level II

Attending a performance

for lower and upper secondary classes

The curtain rises and the magic on stage begins: the range of works offered is broad, so the interests and age of the pupils can be taken into account when choosing one.


Tickets at reduced rates for school groups on request, subject to availability:

€12 at the KAMMEROPER



group enquiry

  • Vorstellungsbesuch © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien GmbH
  • Das schlaue Füchslein © Monika und Karl Forster

Workshops & Dress rehearsal visits

for upper secondary school classes

We offer workshops that focus on selected works from the programme with relevant content and combined with a visit to the dress rehearsal. Creative stage work, meetings with artists, musical try-outs – depending on the production and the workshop’s main focus we give participants the chance to gain many and varied insights into the world of musical theatre. Together we look at the works from a wide variety of angles, examine them critically and discuss them.


Workshop price per school class: €50 (except Briefe von Ruth)


Attending a dress rehearsal for upper secondary classes

Experiencing a rehearsal and seeing the performers on stage even before the premiere? On request, we arrange for upper secondary-level teachers and students to attend our dress rehearsals at the MusikTheater an der Wien.

Tickets for dress rehearsals on request, subject to availability

Contact the TaWumm! team at schule-tawumm@vbw.at


For teachers

  • Das Paradies und die Peri © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

TaWumm! season kick-off & dress rehearsal visit

for teachers at every type of school and all age groups

Come and visit us in the newly refurbished Theater an der Wien and experience Robert Schumann’s Das Paradies und die Peri  before the premiere. In a relaxed atmosphere you learn about our programme for schools in advance, have the opportunity to chat to colleagues and the TaWumm! team, and receive an exclusive introduction to the work. Afterwards you can attend the final rehearsal of the powerful oratorio Das Paradies und die Peri  staged by the internationally acclaimed director Christof Loy.


13 NOVEMBER 2024, 5 PM




TaWumm! Resources

for teachers

We’d be happy to provide you with accompanying materials on the family opera Der kleine Prinz  and the chamber musical Briefe von Ruth. Make use of valuable background information and interactive exercises to prepare your pupils for their visit to the performance and for follow-up activities in the classroom.


Accompanying materials can be ordered at schule-tawumm@vbw.at

  • TaWumm! © Isabelle Papst
  • Coachings © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

Introduction to Der kleine Prinz for teachers

for primary- and secondary-school teachers

Join one of our information sessions for teachers on artistic and practical aspects of theatre and get to know the Theater an der Wien behind the performances. We give you insights into current staging concepts, discuss the themes and roles in the family opera and provide you with practical techniques and accompanying material so that you can introduce a little of the magic of theatre into your classroom in advance. And, of course, a look behind the scenes is a must!


5 | 27 NOVEMBER 2024, 4 PM


More information & registration at schule-tawumm@vbw.at