The MusikTheater an der Wien opens its doors to schools – and not just for the performances! With our varied formats, we want to make young people curious about opera and give them the chance to immerse themselves in the magic of musical theatre.


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WORKSHOPS on the family opera

Only bookable in combination with the family opera.


for primary-school classes:

Wild Sounds

Vildachai ahmimahmeeohh – What’s that we can hear? Is it Mum who’s found something she doesn’t like again? Or is it young Max, cursing in his made-up language and setting off to see the Wild Things? Where can Max be sailing off to? The water splashes, the wind whistles round our ears, a sea monster bars our way ... A musical adventure for school classes as they journey to where the wild things are! Because we’ll be composing our piece of musical theatre with musicians from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra ourselves.

In association with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra


Friday, 10 NOVEMBER 2023
Wednesday, 29 NOVEMBER 2023
Friday, 1 DEcEMBER 2023
9 AM & 11 AM

Registration required at schule-tawumm@vbw.at
Cost per school class: 
€ 40 ,–

  • TaWumm! Workshop © eSeL.at - Lorenz Seidler
  • TaWumm! Literaturworkshop © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

for 2nd & 3rd year elementary school:

Wild Words

The picture book written by Maurice Sendak and published in 1963 contains only 333 words. But these words and the book’s illustrations are full of magic. Surrounded by books, we venture into the world of young Max and the Wild Things and discover how he manages to be the wildest thing of all. Courageous, spirited and intrepid: Don’t we all want to be a bit like that? Who knows – perhaps Max can tell us something about that? A colourful workshop about the book and opera Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen for elementary school classes.

In association with Wieden lending library


Tuesday, 7 NOVEMBER 2023
Tuesday, 21 NOVEMBER 2023
Tuesday, 5 DEcEMBER 2023
Tuesday, 19 DEcEMBER 2023
9 AM (Duration 1 hour 15 MINutes)

Registration required at schule-tawumm@vbw.at
Participation in this workshop is free.


TaWumm! mentor classes

Workshops for primary- and secondary-level school classes

Would you like to sample the atmosphere of opera – in the classroom, but also at the MusikTheater an der Wien – and find out how an opera production is brought to the stage? School classes in Vienna now have the chance to do just that! TaWumm! mentor classes will learn about the colourful world of music theatre in workshops with a focus on the family opera Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen. In December, we attend a performance of the family opera together as already experienced "musical theatre professionals". 


How do you become a TaWumm! mentor class?
School classes from the 3rd and 4th primary level as well as the 1st to 4th secondary level can apply by sending a TaWumm! video message to schule-tawumm@vbw.at

  • Patenklassen © Herwig Prammer
  • TaWumm! Workshops © Herwig Prammer
TaWumm! Workshop to get to know Musical Theatre

for primary and lower secondary school classes

How does a play get on stage in the first place? Why do the singers in the opera sing so strangely? And what happens backstage during a performance? Honest questions from pupils that we are happy to answer creatively and playfully in a TaWumm! workshop at your school. Using one of our family operas as an example, we offer the ideal introduction to the world of musical theatre.


Dates by arrangement:
please contact schule-tawumm@vbw.at

2 lessons

Cost per school class:
Primary level € 40 ,- | Secondary level € 50,-


  • Das schlaue Füchslein © Monika und Karl Forster
WORKSHOPS & Dress rehearsal visits

for upper secondary school classes

We offer workshops that focus on selected works from the programme with relevant content and combined with a visit to the dress rehearsal. Together we examine the works from a wide variety of angles and critically explore related social issues. Creative stage work, meetings with artists, musical try-outs – depending on the workshop’s main focus we give participants the chance to gain many and varied insights into the world of musical theatre. In the process, the pupils get to know the work and the production in an entertaining way.


Dates and duration by arrangement.

Costs per school class: € 50

Experiencing a rehearsal and seeing the performers on stage even before the premiere?

On request, we arrange for upper secondary-level teachers and students to attend our dress rehearsals at the MusikTheater an der Wien.

Tickets for dress rehearsals can be obtained on request, subject to availability

Workshop DENIS & KATYA


Workshop CANDIDE





TAWUMM! Resources

for teachers


To help you prepare your visit to the operas Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen and Hamed und Sherifa and your follow-up activities, we would be happy to send you supplementary materials for your classroom lessons.


Supplementary materials can be ordered at schule-tawumm@vbw.at.

  • Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen | Hamed und Sherifa © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
  • Coachings © Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

Workshops for primary- and secondary-level schoolteachers

In collaboration with the Board of Education for Vienna, the TaWumm! team offers information sessions on our productions for young audiences with an artistic/practical focus. We explain the staging concept to the teachers and take a look at the work’s themes and roles. The teachers are given teaching resources and ideas for interactive classroom activities that make preparing the visit to the family opera and the subsequent follow-up work child’s play!





Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen

Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 4 PM
Thursday, 30 November 2023, 4 PM


Hamed und Sherifa

Thursday, 14 March 2024, 4 PM
Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 4 PM


More information & registration at schule-tawumm@vbw.at