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Dress rehearsal visit & workshops for schools

On 01.12.2022 | L`ARBORE DI DIANA - the high-school musical of the Viennese Classicism


The apples on the tree of the goddess Diana shine golden - but only as long as her followers remain chaste. Amore, the god of love, doesn't think much of chastity and smuggles three young men into Diana's realm. Are you curious to see how this story will end?

The perfect play for young adults in the time of high school and everything that this stage of life brings with it: Identity issues, falling in love and the great emotional chaos.


Pupils have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the play during the dress rehearsal. We are happy to visit your school in advance to prepare the pupils for the play in a workshop.


When & Where:
- TaWumm! Workshop for school classes by arrangement
- Dress rehearsal visit L'arbore di Diana on 1 December 2022, 7 p.m. at the Kammeroper

Registration at: schule-tawumm@vbw.at

Cost for pupils: € 5