Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


“Generosity is the essence of friendship,” said Oscar Wilde. For Stefan Herheim, a globally celebrated opera director and artistic director of the MusikTheater an der Wien, generosity is the most important prerequisite for successful opera, and friendship its most important product!

Become a Friend of the MusikTheater an der Wien and part of a community that supports, fosters and celebrates this art form that knows no bounds.


The community attaches great importance to an all-inclusive experience of musical theatre and supports this through the cultural education programme of the MusikTheater an der Wien. As a friend of the MusikTheater an der Wien you not only make a vital contribution to passing on the fascination of opera and our work to future generations, but also have a close connection to us and our two historic venues. Together we take a look behind the scenes to gain valuable insights into the creative process. 

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We invite you to take advantage of the following activities offered by the programme:



  • Participation in events exclusive to the Circle of Friends (such as discussions with artists, exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, attendance at dress rehearsals etc.)
  • Free admission to introductory matinees
  • Attendance at the presentation of the programme for the season
  • And much more!


The circle of our friends continues to grow, and we can already look back on many events and special moments that we shared together.

Tour of the Theater an der Wien


Our exclusive tour of the Theater an der Wien gave our friends their first opportunity to get a general idea of the extent of the comprehensive refurbishment taking place in the historic building on Naschmarkt. Architect Franziska Graber and artistic director Stefan Herheim accompanied the group of friends around the building site. A lively discussion ensued during the “building site picnic” that rounded the tour off. 


The Circle of Friends will be kept constantly up-to-date with the progress being made: See for yourself!

  • Freundeskreis Baustellenführung durch das Theater an der Wien © Stefanie J. Steindl
  • Freundeskreis Führung Halle E © Stefanie J. Steindl

Tour of Halle E


The current venue in the MuseumsQuartier also opened its doors for a very special look behind the scenes: The technical director of the MusikTheater an der Wien, Veronika Leitl, and colleagues from other departments provided fascinating insights into the technical characteristics of the alternative venue and the specific challenges they pose to theatre productions.


We have already come up with numerous highlights for you in the 23/24 season – you have plenty to look forward to!

A contribution of €100 is enough to make you part of our Circle of Friends!


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Your contribution is used solely for the MusikTheater an der Wien and helps us to carry out vital education activities for children and young people.


Choose one of the four support categories and become part of our Circle of Friends today. We look forward to welcoming you!

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