Conductor: Alan Curtis
Director, set & costume designer: Francesco Micheli
Semiramide: Çigdem Soyarslan
Tamiri: Gan-ya Ben-gur Akselrod
Scitalce: Andrew Owens
Mirteo: Rupert Enticknap
Ircano: Igor Bakan
Sibari: Gaia Petrone
Nino, Semiramides son: Alessio Calciolari
Orchestra: Bach Consort Wien


The Egyptian princess Semiramis has seized control of Assyria, though she pretends to be a man. Tamiri, the future regent of Bactria, a region obliged to pay tribute to Assyria, is to choose her future husband from among three suitors in Babylon. But when Tamiri chooses Scitalce, a prince from India whom Semiramis recognises as her former lover, Semiramis tries to prevent the marriage. This triggers a series of intrigues and deception in the course of which Sibari, whom Semiramis believed to be her confidante, is exposed as a villain.

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Semiramide 13/14

Premiere: 23 September 2013

Director: Francesco Micheli
Conductor: Alan Curtis
New production of the Theater an der Wien
Photos: © Armin Bardel or Barbara Zeininger