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General Terms and Conditions of Business and Data Privacy Statement


WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH 
Hütteldorfer Strasse 2f 
1150 Vienna 
Company Register No.: FN 378350y 
Member of the Vienna Chamber of Economics 
Phone: +43/1/58885 - 500 
Fax: +43/1/58885 - 550 
E-mail: office@wien-ticket.at 

Any use of the services provided by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions shall apply as amended at the time of the order.

1. General

WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH sells admission tickets to the buyer in the name and for the account of the respective event promoter. All and any claims in connection with the event must be addressed exclusively to the respective event promoter. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall be liable for due and proper brokerage of admission tickets. Liability for any property damage due to minor negligence on the part of WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall be excluded. The event data and information contained on the website and in mailings serves as preliminary information about the events for interested persons. The visitor declares that he has informed himself on the basis of the information available about the venue, type of event, youth protection regulations and program of the event, as well as the time and duration of the event prior to purchasing the admission ticket, and that the event is suitable for his purposes.

2. Order

All orders + whether by phone, fax or online booking (Internet, W@P, SMS, etc.) + shall be binding. A cancellation option or other contractual rescission option is explicitly ruled out. Peremptory statutory remedies shall remain unprejudiced thereby.

There is no cash exchange for any voucher. The electronically calculated euro amount may differ from the printed euro amount in case of previous redemption of the voucher. Processing fees may be charged. Tickets for performances are subject to availability. Reproduction of vouchers is prohibited. No liability is assumed for lost vouchers. Vouchers are not transferable. Vouchers are valid for two years from date of issue.

3. Payment

Depending on availability, payment shall be made in cash, by debit or by credit card. The amount charged shall include the price of the admission ticket(s) (incl. any sales fee applicable), the handling fee, and any shipping, deposit or other costs as stated in the price list valid at the time of purchase. Other forms of payment may be offered on the Internet and in other online booking options, as well as by various WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH partners. Admission tickets shall not be valid until full payment is received.

Special terms and conditions for online ticket orders: An online order is only possible, if the buyer has a valid credit card (American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Master Card and Eurocard).

If the buyer+s name differs from the name of the credit card holder, WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH reserves the right to refuse closing of the contract or to cancel the order at their own discretion and without consulting the buyer (purchase price will be refunded).

4. Delivery/Collection, Use

Admission tickets shall be sent within Austria by normal mail (not registered) if they are for numbered seats or by registered mail if they are for standing room or seats with a free choice of seat. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall accept liability only for duly posting the tickets; the mail delivery shall be at the customer+s risk. Therefore WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall not accept liability for any damages resulting from failure to deliver or incorrect delivery of the admission tickets for which WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH is not responsible. In the case of mobile tickets (admission tickets stored on a mobile phone or PDA), particular care must be taken to avoid loss of data. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall not accept any liability in the event of a loss of data (e.g. due to deletion or loss of the mobile phone). Customers are advised to contact the mobile phone operator directly. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH shall not provide any indemnification in the case of a loss of other forms of admission ticket, either.

Visitors are called upon not to make print@home tickets or mobile tickets, in particular, accessible to third parties and to keep them safely. On admission to the event, the principle of first admission shall generally apply (i.e.: the print@home ticket or mobile ticket that is first accepted with its unique identification shall be the valid one. Any subsequent tickets with the same identification are automatically invalidated by admission of the first ticket + this shall apply only inasmuch as the blame is not attributable to WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH or was otherwise the fault of WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH).

Misuse of the admission tickets shall be prosecuted, any alterations and copies (including the forwarding of mobile tickets) of the tickets are prohibited. In the event of altered or misused admission tickets, the event promoter or the event location explicitly reserve the right to deny the holders admission to the event. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH, the event promoter or the event location shall not accept responsibility for any extra costs or nuisances thus caused.

5. Event Promoter+s House Rules

With the purchase of an admission ticket, the visitor agrees to comply with the house rules of the respective venue and the event promoter+s instructions. The admission rules of the respective location shall apply to any visitors who arrive late. The admission ticket is invalid without the stub.

If +Gilt als Fahrschein in Wien+ (valid as a ticket for public transport in Vienna) is printed on the front of the admission ticket, this shall be valid for Verkehrsverbund Ost (VOR) in the core zone 100 for two hours before and six hours after the beginning of the event (not valid for night bus services).

6. Cancellation/Changes of the Event, Refunds

In the event of a cancellation, postponement or any other change of event, WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH reserves the right, as a voluntary service, to inform those customers who have purchased tickets for this event by post, by e-mail, by phone or by SMS, provided the relevant contact details are available.

Normal changes of cast or program by the event promoter (for instance changes in the cast of theatre, musical or opera performances, changes in the program, minor changes to the starting time, changes to the supporting acts at concerts, minor changes in the program of concert performances, etc.) are reserved and shall by no means constitute a reason for a refund or reduction of the ticket price.

WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH is merely the broker of the admission ticket and shall not be liable for refund of the ticket prices. Any refunds shall be made exclusively by the event promoter, whereby WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH offer their services in this respect.

In the event of a refund, the price printed on the ticket shall be refunded in full.

7. Data Protection

The data provided by the customer shall be processed electronically by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH for the purpose of handling the contract, and may be disclosed by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH to the respective event promoter (or booking offices for handling of the ticket sales) within the scope of the statutory regulations and limitations of the Data Protection Act 2000. The customer further agrees that his personal data may be used for marketing purposes in connection with the services provided by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH and the events supported by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH. The customer is explicitly informed that this agreement may be revoked at any time.

8. Image Recordings

The visitor acknowledges that image recordings may be made in the course of events, which will subsequently be exploited (television broadcasts, photo, video, etc.). The visitor explicitly consents to the use and exploitation for commercial purposes, without compensation and unlimited in terms of time or region, of any recordings made of him during or in connection with the event by any current or future technical procedure, in particular by WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH and/or the event promoter, inasmuch as his personal interests are not unreasonably infringed upon by such use.

The visitors are not entitled to make photo, film, video or other audio/image recordings of events.

9. Volume

The visitor is informed that there is a risk of damage to hearing and health at events, especially due to the volume. Therefore appropriate precautions are recommended especially for children and persons with a sensitive hearing.

10. Resale

The resale of admission tickets for commercial purposes or of personified tickets or tickets for which concessions, discounts or rebates were obtained, especially via so-called secondary ticket and auction platforms such as ebay, viagogo or stubhub, shall be permissible only with the written consent of WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH. If an unauthorised sale is detected, the ticket shall become invalid immediately. WTS Wien Ticket Service GmbH explicitly reserves the right to take further legal action.

WTS Wien Ticket Service reserves the right to refuse any purchase orders for more than 10 tickets, or to authorise the same only after special review.

11. Venue, Governing Law

For corporate customers, the sole legal venue shall be the competent court of jurisdiction in remfor Vienna. For consumer transactions, the venue shall be the locally competent court of jurisdiction in rem.

Vienna, 26. August 2014