#STAYSAFE @ Theater an der Wien

COVID19 #STAYSAFE VBW © Sabine Hauswirth / VBW

#STAYSAFE @ Theater an der Wien & Kammeroper

The health of our audience is our top priority. We have taken all necessary measures to make your visit to the Theater an der Wien as safe as possible. Your visit to the opera is important to us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your Seats

To maintain the prescribed minimum distance, the number of available seats in the theaters was reduced. We urge you not to change your seat for this reason.

Tickets booked before 31/07/2020

We ask for your understanding that in the course of a COVID-19-compliant seat allocation, we can no longer guarantee your already booked seats for all performances that take place in September and October at the Theater an der Wien and the Kammeroper. You will be contacted by us from August 3, 2020 via letter and / or newsletter with this information. Please inform us in writing by August 25, 2020 at the latest whether you want to attend your booked performance in the Theater an der Wien and the Kammeroper despite COVID-19 restrictions. We strive for a good seat allocation within the category you have booked.

E-Mail: abonnement@theater-wien.at

By letter:

Abonnementbüro Theater an der Wien
Linke Wienzeile 6
1060 Wien

Fax: +431/58830-992000

Tickets booked from 01/08/2020

For organizational reasons and to guarantee COVID-19-compliant seat allocation, Vereinigte Bühnen Wien will only be able to book tickets by category starting from August 1, 2020. When purchasing your tickets, please select your desired category - the seats will be set in good time before the event and you will receive your COVID-19-compliant ticket with your seats by email at least 24 hours before the performance. Please present this ticket in printed form or on your mobile phone when you enter the theater.

All seats are assigned to groups. Visitors belonging to a group can sit next to each other. A seat is left free between the visitor groups on the left and right. No standing room can be offered as COVID-19 prevention until further notice.

The Theater an der Wien opens for you one hour before the performance begins. The auditorium is also open at this time, so you can take your seats early.

General Safety And Hygiene Guidelines

  • The minimum distance of 1 meter must be observed as far as possible.
  • We ask you to comply with the obligation to protect your mouth and nose in the entire theater - including during the performance.
  • Please wash your hands regularly with soap and do not hesitate to use our numerous disinfection dispensers.
  • All liability of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien with the rules of conduct and security measures is excluded.
  • You can also find our terms and conditions HERE.

Our Guidance System

To equalize the flow of visitors and prevent crowds of people, the VBW have implemented a guidance system in their houses.

Depending on the seat, you are therefore assigned a specific entrance (A-H) in a color-coded sector (yellow, blue, green, white). Use this for entering and leaving the theater. We kindly ask you to stay within your assigned color ranges during your visit to the event.

  • Parkett (Stalls / ground floor) on the right and Parkett (stalls / ground floor) on the left: YELLOW, entrance E
  • Erster Rang (1st Floor): BLUE, entrance C
  • Zweiter Rang (2nd Floor): GREEN, entrance G
  • Dritter Rang (3rd Floor): WHITE, entrance H
  • Wheelchair users: GRAY, entrance C
  • Box office: PINK, entrance B, exit A

Access to the entrances:

  • A - E via the Linke Wienzeile
  • F - H over the Millöckergasse

You will also find your color code on your ticket.

Wegleitsystem02 ©VBW

Safety And Hygiene Precautions (Ventilation And Disinfection)

State-of-the-art ventilation

The VBW theaters have modern systems for room ventilation. These are 100% fresh air systems. The air in the room is generated outdoors, filtered, conditioned and brought into the auditorium via the floor and extracted through the ceiling. This ensures (even before COVID-19) the supply of pure conditioned outside air. Both the ventilation frequency and the air exchange rate were increased. 36m3 of air is exchanged per visitor. In addition, the shock ventilation is activated in the rear spectator area, which enables the exchange of 45m3 per hour per person. Our filters are exchanged at regular intervals.

Continuous surface disinfection

During the routine cleaning of the venues, both areas such as Handrails, door handles, railings etc. as well as complete open spaces such as floors are disinfected.

Box Offices

The opening times can be found HERE.

The box office is open for each performance from 6:00 p.m. until the performance begins.

For reasons of contact tracing, tickets can only be sold with your contact details. We ask for your understanding. The collection and use of your data is of course in line with the GDPR. It is only accessed when the need arises.

The name of the buyer is noted on all tickets.

In the case of a Corona cluster, the ticket purchaser must be able to announce who attended the performance at the request of the Sanitätsdirektion Wien. Please note this also when passing on cards!


The opera performances in September are planned without intermission, so the buffets in the Theater an der Wien are not open.

However, you have the opportunity to visit the new illy Caffé (Theatercafé) before and after your opera visit. Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to midnight, telephone: +4312951001.

More Information

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